Learning Thai Language From A Thai Song

There is not thing more fun than listening to a nice music. Why not combine the music you like with Thai language learning?  Would that make your Thai learning experience way better? Of course yes! In fact, combine music and language was how I learned English at the first place. Back in the day when […]

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How To Say Colors In Thai Language by eThaier

How To Say Colors In Thai Language

If you have been reading my previous article, I focused Thai grammar because it’s very important to have a good foundation before take on Thai words like today case “Colors in Thai language”. It’s also important to understand The Usage Of Thai Adjective before go through this article. Ready to say colors in Thai? Here […]

We Love Your Thai Language With Foreign Accent

As a Thai language teacher, when my students ask my opinion about their accents, I always give a good feedback whether they have their native accents or not. Honestly, it sounds pretty cute when they speak Thai with different accent. Some people might think I spoil my students, but the truth is, they (and anyone […]

We Love When YouSpeak Thai Language With Foreign Accent | Be Proud Of Your Accent by eThaier

How To Use Verb To Be With Adjective In Thai Language | eThaier

Using ‘Verb To Be’ With ‘Adjective’ In Thai Language

Using in adjective is one of the most important in Thai language learning. That is the reason this is article is about using adjective part II. In How To Use Adjective In Thai Language Part I, you’ve learned about the position of adjective and noun. Also in Basic Thai Language Structure and How To Use […]

How To Use Verb To Be In Thai Language

In learning Thai language and pretty much every language in the world, there are words that’s super important. Verb To Be  are very important words we use everyday. Well, actually almost every sentence.  Understand the basic of verb to be in Thai language will help you understand Thai better especially Thai grammar. Using verb to […]

Verb To Be In Thai Language | eThaier

Where Question Word In Thai Language eThaier

How To Use Where Question In Thai Language

Where-question is one of the most basic grammar that being taught in every language including Thai. Last week, I explain how to use “what” in Thai language. Where-question is a little different than the what question since it will need a preposition to indicate a location. For people who are not used to language learning, […]

How To Say And Use What Question In Thai Language

There is no doubt about how important “What” question is in any language learning. To learn Thai language is also the same that it’s good idea to start with what-question as you can start speaking Thai right away. Shall we? What-question in Thai language S+V+O   Think about what you want to ask in Thai. […]

How To Say And Use What Question In Thai Language Grammar

Thai Language Adjective Structure Feature Image eThaier

Using Adjective In Thai Language

Using adjective in Thai language can be a little bit tricky as it’s the opposite of using it in English. Last week, I mentioned about the confusion that some people think a Thai sentence is a backward English sentence in the article “Thai Language Structure.” But using adjective is totally backward from English. And Here […]

Basic Sentence Structure Of Thai Language

When teaching Thai language to new students, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Is Thai sentence backward from English?” The answer is “No, Thai language is not backward from English, indeed, it’s even easier than English and probably every language in the world. What does Thai language’s sentence structure look like? The basic […]

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Thai Language Tones | Learn To Speak Thai With eThaier Starts With The Good Tone Pronunciation

Learn To Pronounce 5 Tones Of Thai Language

For foreigners who learn Thai language, this tonal language can be challenging for English and European language speakers because once you change the tone, the meaning of the Thai word changes as well. On that note, Thai tones are very important for people who learn to speak Thai correctly. Thai language has a total of […]