Learn Thai Language Lessons Via Skype

Throughout years of teaching Thai language to foreigners in/outside Thailand, I have tried different ways of teaching techniques for my students to make the most out of their lessons. I found the most effective way of teaching Thai is making a lesson challenging. Yes it’s important to create fun Thai language lessons, but those lessons have to be somewhat difficult enough to challenge those students who want to be successful in speaking (and writing) Thai effectively. Being said that, learning Thai is not too difficult if it’s done correctly. Yes there are rules when comes to language teaching, but there is no certain way to teach language. You have to set your Thai language goal. Then find the way to challenge your brain while having fun learning and doing homework. It’s your teacher’s job to create a brain stimulating lesson plan for you, so finding the right teacher is a very important factor for your success. However, it’s your job to find the right Thai language teacher for your Thai goal. Therefore, it’s necessary to be able to talk to your potential teacher about your goal before signing up for any Thai language class. And if you happen to be a Thai language teacher, please be honest to your future students about how you can or can’t help them to reach their Thai goals.



Learn Thai Language Live On Skype With Khruu Bird

Learn Thai language lessons via Skype by khruu Bird from eThaier Thai FoodSay goodbye to the old time when geography used to be the main obstacle for finding Thai language lessons. Thanks to the internet, a teacher and a student are only one Skype call away from each other. I’ve developed my Thai language lessons via Skype to make you feel like you are in a private classroom with me (actually you are.) Along with live on Skype section, you will be given homework that you need in order to reach your Thai language goal. Your Thai lessons will be customized especially for you as these are private tutoring sections. You will be able to focus on topics that you are interested such as speaking or writing Thai alphabets and sentences. If my Thai language lesson vie Skype sounds like what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute Thai language consulting section.


Before Sign Up For Thai Lessons Via Skype, You Need To Have:

A computer with Skype installed (tablet or smartphone are good too) and internet connection, you are good to go. Let’s rock Thai language!


What you need before taking Thai language lessons live via Skype with khruu Bird


Price Options For Khruu Bird’s Thai Lessons Via Skype

Here are price options for Thai language lessons with me:


Thai Language Lessons via Skype with Khruu Bird Price Options


To Book Thai Language Lessons Via Skype

Contact me for a free 30 minute Thai language consulting session. This is a necessary step before you sign up for lessons as we can discuss about your goal and how we can it happen. Also, you will be able to decide if you are comfortable with learning form a live session through Skype. It’s very important to see if we can work together because I don’t want you to waste your time and money if I’m not the right Thai language teacher for you. And the most important is this step is 100% FREE! If you would like to book the consulting session or Thai language lessons, please fill out my CONTACT FORM with your ideal time to chat, I usually reply with my availability within 48 hours. Then we start from there. Talk to you soon!