Thai Language Lessons For Everyone

I’m very happy when I hear people are interested in Thai language. It donsn’t matter if they want to learn to speak Thai, write Thai alphabets, or learn Thai language for traveling in Thailand for just a shot period of time. What matter is they brave enough to make a commitment and step out of their comfort zone. If you are one of them, I salute you! Thai language is not that difficult at all. You might have seen Thai alphabets which are very different from alphabets in other languages, but that doesn’t mean Thai language is difficult.  As a Thai language teacher, I’m trying my best to make my students and everyone who come across my Thai language website have a fun time while learning new Thai skills. And that challenging of making Thai language lessons easy for students from different backgrounds makes me love to do what I’m doing. I love the challenging I have in order to make Thai language lessons easier everyday for everyone and I’m so happy I’m having a chance to share with you today.


Thai Language Lessons Live Via Skype

Teaching Thai language is the art that I love and never thought I’d stop doing it. I’ve been teaching Thai to different students from different places around the world. From beginner to advance students, it’s always fun to have a chance working with each individual. As much as I love teaching Thai conversation, I love teaching Thai writing and make it easy to each student. Trust me Thai alphabets are not as difficult as they look once you start learning them in the right way. Forget about focusing on how to translate English to Thai, Thai to English. Yes, those skills can help you learning Thai. But you also need to understand how to use those skills efficiently which barely being taught in many Thai language classes and lessons. I believe giving a good Thai foundation is a must to every Thai language student, in fact, this works in every lesson and subject everywhere.

Learn Thai language lessons via Skype with khruu Bird from eThaier | Make Thai Language Very Easy

Before I created, I had to say no to students who contacted me when they were not in my town. Thanks to the internet, not only can I provide free Thai language knowledge, but I also can teach Thai language through Skype and connect with students no matter there they are. I’m very excited about my Thai class Live via Skype since I’ve developed tool to make student feel like they are in Thai classroom as much as possible, and so far they do. If you want to learn Thai language with me and you have an internet connection, I’d like to hear from you. Just go to the CONTACT page and tell me a little bit about you, and we will continue from there.  Too learn more about Thai Language Live Via Skype, ->click here <-


Thai Language Lesson In Person (only in San Francisco, California)

Beside giving free Thai language knowledge on eThaier’s blog and teaching Thai via Skype I also provide a private Thai class to a student individually in order to specify a lesson particular for what each student really needs. It’s important to customize a Thai language lesson for specific student since we all are from different places and been studied in different ways. I will decide a lesson for each student according to their purposes of Thai language and what topic they are interested. This way a student will learn the best and not wasting any time study other skills and topic they are never going to use. If you are interested in In-Person class, please go to the CONTACT page and tell me a little bit about you. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Free Thai Language Tips: Using Thai Language Efficiency

No matter if you are my student or not, you deserve a good Thai language knowledge. I’ve created the Thai Tips Blog to  dedicate to people who want to know more about how to use Thai language in the right way. The blog will include basic Thai skills as well as awesome tips of using Thai in real life. I hope this blog will help you get to your Thai language goal or at least make you understand more and use a better Thai. I will be more than happy to hear any feedback and suggestions in order to make the better content and contribute to our community more.