Learn Thai Language In San Francisco Bay Area, California

Finally I’m back to teach Thai language in San Francisco again! After a long break, I’m so happy I’m back in this city and have a chance to create Thai language lessons for students who want to learn Thai language in San Francisco Bay Area. Although most of my students are taking Thai lessons with me through Skype, but there is nothing like this old fashioned way of teaching Thai live in person. So if you are living in the Bay Area and want to learn Thai with me, please feel free to fill out this CONTACT FORM, and we will set up the best time for your Thai language lessons.


Prices For Thai Language Lessons In-Person In San Francisco

Prices for Thai language lessons in person are shown below:
Learn Thai Language Lessons  In San Francisco Bay Area California Price Options from eThaier learn Thai through Skype with Khruu Bird
*transportation fee maybe applied (depends on where your lessons will be held)


Locations For Thai Language Classes

This is your choice! According to my previous students, students learn the best when they are at their homes. But you can choose to have your Thai lessons at your own place, quiet café, library, my place (if you are not allergic to cat hair), or wherever you prefer.


Want To Start Your Thai Language Journey?

Just fill out the CONTACT FORM, and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂