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In learning Thai language and pretty much every language in the world, there are words that’s super important. Verb To Be  are very important words we use everyday. Well, actually almost every sentence.  Understand the basic of verb to be in Thai language will help you understand Thai better especially Thai grammar.

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Using verb to be is fairly simple and straight forward. As you know the basic of Thai grammar (S+V+O), Verb To Be acts like other verb, just like that.

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As you can see Pen and Khuee can be used in the same way. In many cases, you can use either one as a verb in the sentence, but sometimes you can’t. Some books say using Khuee is more for defining a definition. Unless you are going to advance Thai lesson, you can just use either way no need to worry at this point. But if you really have to choose one, go with Pen J  because Khuee might sound a little but formal from text book, not a real life situation.

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Yuu also mean To Stay. When you are dealing with location and have to use verb to be, Yuu is the word you probably looking for. You can remember Yuu as “To Be Located” and that will work in a lot of sentences.

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