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When teaching Thai language to new students, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Is Thai sentence backward from English?” The answer is “No, Thai language is not backward from English, indeed, it’s even easier than English and probably every language in the world.

What does Thai language’s sentence structure look like?

The basic rule of learning Thai language is Subject + Verb + Object, and a little twist in order to make different tenses. This will work pretty much every Thai sentence you are going to write in your Thai language adventure.

Thai Language Sentence Structure 1 Present Simple eThaier

“A little twist? What is that?”

Grammatically, Thai sentence has a very simple structure. If you would like to change a sentence to be a yes/no-question, you just simply add the question word in this case is Mai (jattawa tone – you can learn more about Thai 5 tones here) at the end of the sentence you want to ask.

Thai Language Sentence Structure With Question Words eThaier

There you have it! And if you want to add different types of question, just remember this: “Most of the time question words are located at the end of the sentence.” That doesn’t mean question words will always be there, but if you have to guess it, it’s the best bet 😉

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