How To Use Where Question In Thai Language

Where-question is one of the most basic grammar that being taught in every language including Thai. Last week, I explain how to use “what” in Thai language. Where-question is a little different than the what question since it will need a preposition to indicate a location. For people who are not used to language learning, examples of preposition are “in” “on” “at.”

Where Question Word In Thai Language eThaier

Tip: As you can see the word “where” in Thai consist of 2 words (at,which.) Now you know more words in Thai! J

How to use where in Thai language sentence:

As I wrote on the article about basic Thai sentence structure, this is totally the same concept. Think about “where” as the object of the sentence you want to know. And just simply use it at the position of the object in the sentence.

How To Use Where Question Word In Thai Language eThaier

Yes, you are right! It’s a very simple and straight forward grammar you will ever find in any language. What I recommend is to spend more time in practicing Thai tones, listen to a Thai music, watch a Thai movie just to get your ears used to the tones in Thai language.

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