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Using adjective in Thai language can be a little bit tricky as it’s the opposite of using it in English. Last week, I mentioned about the confusion that some people think a Thai sentence is a backward English sentence in the article “Thai Language Structure.But using adjective is totally backward from English. And Here is how:

Thai Language Adjective Structure eThaier

Adjective (adj) = a word or phrase that describe a noun(n.)

When you think about one word in English you have to put adjective before a noun in order to describe that noun. For example: BLACK car, CUTE cat, BEAUTIFUL house, BIG city. But it comes to Thai language, it’s other way around: car BLACK(รถดำ), cat CUTE(แมวน่ารัก), house BEAUTIFUL(บ้านสวย), city BIG(เมืองใหญ่)

Thai Adjective Language Structure Example eThaier

When you write a sentence in Thai language that has an adjective within the sentence, here is how you do.

Thai Language Adjective Structure With Sentence Structure eThaier

Now you can go out and order a CHICKEN Pad Thai(ผัดไทยไก่) and SHRIMP tom yum(ต้มยำกุ้ง) for your dinner!

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