Learning Thai Language From A Thai Song

Listen to Thai sings for a better Thai language learning | eThaierThere is not thing more fun than listening to a nice music. Why not combine the music you like with Thai language learning?  Would that make your Thai learning experience way better? Of course yes! In fact, combine music and language was how I learned English at the first place. Back in the day when I didn’t know English, I listened to a lot of English songs as I really liked the melody (Thai songs are good, but I like something different too). I listen and tried to sing without knowing a single word, but I had a great time with it. Few years passed by, I’d learned and know some English, but still not understood what the singer sang at all.

Until one day, it’s like someone switched a button on my brain, and just like that I understood almost every word in the song I was listening at the time. I still don’t understand every song, but the more I listen, the more I understand that’s for sure. Songs not only help my listening skill, but they help my speaking skill tremendously. Yes, I still have my Thai accent and I love my accent, and you should love your accent too.

Why am I mumbling about this? Because many of Thai language learners that I’ve known don’t think they are ready for Thai songs yet, they don’t. You don’ t have to wait until you know Thai vocabulary, just listen to those beautiful Thai songs and their melodies. You will learn so much more than you though. It will be absorbed into your brain. What you have to do is keep listening the songs! By the time you know more Thai words, you will be very close to the stage something will switch your Thai brain just like when I had that moment with my English.


“Alright Bird, I’m ready. What should I start from?” What about Thai New Year song from US Embassy in Thailand? (Subscribe The US Embassy Youtube Channel, they have so many good stuff!) Let’s see if you can get the word from the song by this coming New Year or at least can hum the song when you hear it. Who know you might be the best Thai karaoke singer this New Year!

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