How To Speak Thai Language Politely And Correctly

I believe most of people who come across this article have at least some experiences communicating with Thai people. Politeness is one of the most important keys to be a successful Thai language speaker. I have been involved foreigners in Thailand for years, and I can tell you sometimes speaking Thai with foreign accent can […]

How to speak Thai language correctly and politely

ow To Say Hello In Thai Language | eThaier

How To Say Hello In Thai Language? It’s Time To Say Sawasdee Khrap!

Sawasdee, sawatdee, sawatdii or however you’d like to spell, they all mean the same things “hello and goodbye” which I’m sure 99% of you who are reading this already knew the meanings. But I’m also sure that in those 99%, not everyone pronounces it correctly. And since you are here on, I assume you […]

Hello Thai Language Lovers! Welcome To eThaier

Hello! I want to say hi to all the Thai language lovers. This is a beta version of eThaier, I will launch a full version of eThaier in mid July 2014.     As I’m producing free Thai language contents for this page, in the mean time you can enjoy this Accent Is Beautiful video. […]

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