How To Speak Thai Language Politely And Correctly

I believe most of people who come across this article have at least some experiences communicating with Thai people. Politeness is one of the most important keys to be a successful Thai language speaker. I have been involved foreigners in Thailand for years, and I can tell you sometimes speaking Thai with foreign accent can sound too strong for Thais who are not used to Western culture. And that’s why I encourage my Thai language lovers to add the Thai polite words at the end of every sentence.

How To Speak Thai Correctly And Politely | eThaier

From the table above, you probably think that’s easy and you are right! Just add “khrap” and “kha” and use the tones as in the table.  It’s very easy right? But chances are: after you getting used to Thai language and locals, many of you might get rid of the polite words. As result, you might not be adorable foreigners with cute accent that Thais fall in love with anymore. So please please please use “Khrap” and “Kha” all the time 🙂

How to speak Thai language correctly and politely

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